3rdArm Mobile



3rdArm utilizes today's technology to

help us capture tasks throughout the day. As a service, we analyze the task, locate local suppliers and/or retailers as needed, apply deals when available and order, pickup and deliver items in order to complete the task as soon as possible. As working parents, we understand the tremendous demands on your time and you prefer spending that time on more important things.

3rdArm will help you setup the app for the features you really need OR you can just start inputting tasks too! 

3rdArm is currently powered by AppSheet, a mobile app development tool.


Features Overview

Meal Planning

  • Store and rank your favorite recipes
  • Share recipes with family, friends & the community
  • We'll load new recipes based on your favorites
  • We'll create weekly meal plans and send them to your shopping list in time for 3rdArm shopping.


  • Scan bar codes & maintain your favorite brands & stores
  • Historical data recall on items for automatic categorization
  • Automatic deal application when applicable deals are available
  • Purchasing, Pickup and Delivery of shopping list items

Errands & Tasks

  • Historical data recall on tasks for auto-categorization
  • Automatic deal application  when applicable deals are available 
  • View tasks by Supplier, Location/GPS, due date, etc.
  • Get Find, Call & Schedule requests completed for you
  • Pickup/Delivery as needed

Community Engagement

  • Create personal groups to share tasks & recipes.
  • Share tasks with family, friends and the community of users to get help and recommendations
  • Jump into the Community list to see if you can assist someone else