1. Create an Account

2. Download Application

Google Play

3rdArm is available on the Google PlayStore. Press here from your Android tablet or phone to be directed to the app on the PlayStore.


Apple iTunes

3rdArm is pending publication on the Apple iTunes Store. Please feel free to use the Web Browser version and send us a note at support@3rdarm.life. We'll let you know when its ready for download.

Web Browser

3rdArm is available as a web solution if you'd prefer not to download the app. Product Scanning is not available on the web version.


3. Input Tasks

Update Settings

When you have a minute, update your settings in the upper left hand corner especially "My Profile" if you'll be using 3rdArm Services.

Add Lists & Groups

If you'd like, add Lists & Groups to help you organize your tasks and share tasks with friends and family.  You can add lists  and groups from the "hamburger" menu in the upper left hand corner.

Start Inputting Tasks!

Use the "Add Task" button on the main menu at the bottom of the app. Be as detailed as you'd like or make a quick entry.  

Its your task list!

Get Some Help!

When you're ready take a look at our Service Packages and pick one that works best for you! Share your task with 3rdArm and we'll work with you to get it done! Let's get back to what's most important! 

Service Packages