Our Story

Hello! My name is Daisy Ramirez and I live in the Lake Nona area of Orlando, FL with my amazing son and husband of over 20 years. As a working mom, I’ve always struggled with managing work and “the second shift”. I truly wanted to enjoy time with my son, family and friends but found myself drowning in a bunch of to do's and missing some of those important moments. I needed more time in the day but also needed to get things done so I didn't feel overwhelmed. I needed a better system and I needed help.

According to Pew Research, the average working parent has 1-2 hours of "spare time" in a day. Today we care for our children, family members and aging parents so the list of responsibilities after an 8-10 workday has grown tremendously. Groceries, pharmacy & dry cleaning pickups, meal preparation, homework, baths, catching up on work emails, sports - the list goes on and on.

Now - in studying these repetitive tasks closely, I learned these did not have to be completed by “me” - yes I know what a revelation :)  There are highly capable people out there, ready to help out if they only knew who needed help, when and where. Enough was enough!  

Time to build a 3rdArm.

3rdArm is a tool that automatically connects us with our much-needed retailers, suppliers, service providers, friends, family and a service to help keep it all running on a daily basis for YOU. People helping people and support for our local businesses builds a stronger community. 

It truly takes a village to get it all done.

The project is very much a "work in progress" so as a key member of the village I invite you to participate as a service provider or a community member - the village is truly yours to build. 

Life is precious, lets not spend it running errands!  

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.