Privacy Policy

3rdArm uses AppSheet, a mobile development tool and service, as an interface to store some of the personal contact information you provide to us voluntarily. It also collects and analyzes service usage data across all its users. This privacy policy explains what data is recorded in each category and how this data is used.

Personal Information & How we use it

You provide personally identifiable information when you sign up for the 3rdArm service. When you sign up via a third-party authentication provider (like Google or Dropbox), the AppSheet service retrieves and saves some information about you from the provider. The specific information is controlled by the authentication provider and by the permissions you approve when you sign up. In particular, the service retrieves your email address.

In addition to the information 3rdArm collects when you sign up, you may voluntarily provide us with additional personal information. For example: 

  • Addresses, telephone numbers, additional email addresses, and other personally identifiable information you provide to us through the application, website, email, or other direct contact. This type of information helps us provide services and maintains effective communications in our business relationship with you. 
  • Your Family Demographics, Supplier, Purchasing and Meal Preferences
  • Credit Card info via links to Merchant Processor. 3rdArm does not store Credit Card information.

Your personally identifiable information will not be sold or rented to third parties in a way that identifies you as an individual. 3rdArm may share anonymized, aggregated order information with our partners and advertisers as a way to understand, explain, and analyze our business, and/or provide improved services. Other third-party sites used by 3rdArm may and in this case, the privacy policy of the third-party site would take effect.

3rdArm will use your information to:

  • Better communicate with you, provide requested services, maintain a business relationship, and
  • As required by applicable law, legal process, or regulation.

The information you provide to us about you will be used to provide better communications and improve our commercial relationship with you. We may also use your personal information in response to lawful requests when applicable by law, legal process, or regulation.

Upon request, 3rdArm will provide you with information about whether we hold any of your personal information. Some will be needed to provide the contracted services like, pickup and deliveries, purchasing and meal planning.

Application Data

The data your application collects and uses resides in a third-party storage provider (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). The service does not persist this data. However, in order to improve performance, AppSheet may temporarily cache data, images, and other files.

In order to interact with your data, the AppSheet service maintains authentication (OAuth) tokens that allow the software to act "on your behalf" to read and write data. These tokens are securely stored along with your personal information.

The mobile client is designed to work offline. As a result, all application data the client uses can be cached locally. This data is typically not visible to other applications on the mobile device. There is one exception to this: photos taken by the user on the device are also stored in the camera roll on the device, where they are visible to other applications. This is done to make photograph management convenient for users.

Usage Data, Data Security and Durability

The AppSheet service uses browser session cookies and browser local storage to maintain user session state. This helps to speed up user login. You can set your browser to disable cookies and local storage.

AppSheet stores user personal information and access tokens in databases hosted by cloud-computing hosting providers. Reasonable technical steps are taken to protect your information, including the use of passwords, OAuth, secure HTTP, etc. However, AppSheet cannot guarantee your information is immune to a breach in the security and privacy mechanisms implemented by the company and the hosting providers. If at any moment a breach of information occurs, affected users will notified via email within 72 hours after a confirmed incident.

Communication, Dispute Resolution

Our service uses email and other available communication channels to interact with you once you start using 3rdArm Mobile on the AppSheet platform. These communication channels have their own limitations with respect to message security and privacy, and to the extent your information is communicated on those channels, it is subject to those limitations.

We maintain and review an extensive control environment which includes regular training delivered to all our employees on adequate information security policies. Our security policies provide for disciplinary action if our employees fail to follow this Privacy Policy and our Information Security Policy. We periodically review and evaluate these policies for compliance. 

Third-Party Sites

Our service provides you with links to third party sites. Once you click on a link to a third-party site, the privacy policy of that third party site is in effect.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Our service is evolving rapidly. As our service and product evolve, we may make changes to our privacy policy and reserve the right to do so. If we change this privacy policy, we will make a note of it on our site and send you an email communication with the updates. Your continued use of our service indicates that you agree to our changes.