Popular Requests

Call or Schedule

  • Call my mobile provider for when my phone plan expires.
  • Call the event hall for pricing packages and if July 4th, 2020 is available.
  • Schedule a dentist appointment for my son and I on July 5, 2018 at 9am and 10am.
  • Call soccer  to see if they have any spots available for summer camp.
  • Schedule a time with the real estate agent to see the house on 123 ABC Street.
  • Call a contractor for a price on fixing the washer & dryer.


  • Find affordable extra wide soccer cleats for boys sized 4.5.
  • Find a Princess Elsa costume for my daughter sized 10.
  • Find a used F150 truck with less than 20K miles in Orlando.
  • Find the best price on swimming pool stabilizer.
  • Find out how much rental insurance is for an apartment.
  • Find a good family summer vacation spot for a budget of $500 in Florida.
  • Find a nearby store where I can buy this nail polish.

Pick Up/Drop Off

  • Pick up my Amazon return and drop it off at the UPS Store.
  • Pick up my windshield wiper order at Advanced Auto Parts and drop it off at  home.
  • Pick up a groceries order from Walmart and drop it off at my grandma's house (3rdArm Member).
  • Pick up the birthday cake for Mom's party and drop it off at my sister's (3rdArm Member).
  • Pick up my donate clothes and toys and drop it off at the children's home.